Ramsey El-Qare is an award-winning photographer and photojournalist specializing in wedding and portrait photography.


Ramsey has an easy-going personality; he cares about your needs first and foremost, and goes over and beyond to ensure you are satisfied with your photography needs. Ramsey understands that each event has its own specific needs, and he wants to ensure that your day will be smoothly captured and fun.


Ramsey began in 90’s in the dark room using film photography. Today he shoots with professional high-grade digital equipment. With years of experience as a photojournalist; he combines technical proficiency, patience, intuition and unique artistic sensibilities. Whether it’s a child’s inquisitive expression, a couple enjoying each other’s company or a protester on the street, he captures the beauty and passion of the moment and brings it to life.


Over the last few years his brother Charlie has joined the team training with Ramsey to get a unique style and technique. Together they complement each other by capturing different aspects while photographing events.


For packages, pricing and options catering to your unique needs, please feel free to contact me anytime.